by Peg Walton is a story for people of all ages who seek their own internal and eternal light. It is a story of curiosity and exploration, of courage and determination. 


It is a story of curiosity and exploration, of courage and determination. It is a story of “growing up” and gaining self-confidence. But, most of all, it is a story of hope, light and life waiting to be discovered in none other than our own selves. Add Hazel Sturby Caldwells enchanting illustration and you have a fanciful and inspiring experience.

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TIn “Shine!” by Peggy Walton. …a pair of adventurous fireflies, break loose from the familiar embrace of Mama and Papa to explore “a far-off glow on the horizon in a charming story about growing up and discovering new worlds both outside and within.  Evocative illustrations by Hazel Caldwell lend lively warmth to this hopeful tale.”  ~ Karen Lyon, The Hill Rag

“Shine! leads its readers on an exciting journey of discovery, as two young fireflies venture away from the warm glow of their parents’ love, find the limitations and disappointments of artificial light, and ultimately discover the light of love that shines within them.  The unique and nuanced message of Shine! offers children and the adults in their lives rich opportunities for discussion and discoveries of their own.” ~Shannon Daley-Harris, author, child advocate, and former Children’s Resource Review Editor for Family and Community Ministries:  Empowering Through Faith